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PLEASE read this only if you are considering adding wallpaper to your home or business...

This photo shows what can happen when the wrong type of adhesive is used by the installer - just one example of a mistake made by an inexperienced installer.

Your wallpaper is a substantial investment. Make sure your installer is ethical, experienced, professional and has references.

A few years ago when the wallpaper industry nearly disappeared, so did many of the long-time installers. Now that wallpaper is back, a good installer can be hard to find. Sadly, I get calls several times a month to "fix" the mistakes of a careless or inexperienced installer.

Consider carefully who you hire to install your wallpaper. You could be out the expense of your beautiful wallpaper and the expense of having it installed, only to realize (sometimes weeks or months after the fact) that your entire investment was wasted.

Even as a professional installer of over 30 years, in order to stay on top of my game, I am constantly learning! This has never been more true than in the last few years. My association with the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers/Wallcovering Installers Association serves two purposes: 1. to keep me informed and educated, and 2. to keep me humbly aware that I need to be informed and educated.

Knowing what is required for each specific type of wallcovering is critical, and failing to give due diligence to this phase of installation can spell disaster, if not immediately, then down the road, for your wallpaper investment. A preparation product that works great with one wallpaper, can ruin another wallpaper. Only an installer with product knowledge and experience will know the difference.

You want your investment in your wallpaper project to be one that gives you pleasure for years to come, and not one that brings remorse. The wallpaper industry is experiencing a tremendous upward trend and installers are in high demand - and in short supply. Be prepared to check the credentials of anyone that you are considering hiring. A recent example: On a job I estimated, the contractor hired someone whose estimate was half of what mine was. The person they hired ruined the wallpaper, which had to be removed. Upon further examination, it became apparent that at least three critical steps had been skipped during the installation! Thus, the adage, "So you think it costs too much to hire a professional? Just wait to see what hiring an amateur costs."

The NGPP/WIA is the only organization of its kind and the best place to look for a professional installer. Yes, there are very good installers that are not members. However, with a Guild member, you don't have to wonder if you are truly hiring a professional.

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