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Objectives of The


The National Guild of Professional Paperhangers is the only non-profit trade Organization dedicated to professionals whose main objective is to promote the wallcovering industry. Our organization is made up of the professional craftspeople that install and remove wallcovering and the industry leaders who manufacture the productsand provide the services which the installers use in their trade Upgrade the skills of the professional paperhanger. Improve the quality of wall coverings and other products used by wallpaper installers.

Promote national unity among paperhangers

Establish a professional bond among wallpaper installers

Promote the use of wall coverings

Promote high ethical standards and good practice among members

Educate consumers about professional wallpaper installation

National Guild of Professional Paperhangers Code of Ethics

As an expression of the principles of proper conduct in the pursuit of our craft, our members, our employees, and this organization will strive:

To provide the services of this industry to the fullest extent of our technical abilities.

To protect the public and fellow members from materials not meeting our high standards.

To faithfully fulfill all contracts.

To conduct ourselves in accordance with the highest of professional standards.

To keep abreast of changing conditions in materials, installation techniques and economic conditions.

To encourage the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

To meet regularly with members and non-members to promote the precepts of this code.

To promote the fair and equal treatment for all Guild members.

To oppose any discriminatory practices.

To provide opportunities for further training, employment, and advancement to all those who show an interest and apply themselves to our craft.

To promote the principles and spirit of this code and the objectives of this Guild through the formation of councils and chapters.

To establish and maintain the highest levels of mutual respect and goodwill with all segments of this industry.

To keep in mind the definition of a Guild...."an alliance of artisans"

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